【Bali lovers must see】 Bali & Indonesia things you can enjoy in Shonan vol.3

Hello, I’m Yossy from “Chair,” a furniture shop in Fujisawa, Shonan area.

As more and more foreigners coming to Shonan, I’d like to write in English.

For Japanese customers, I’ll re-post in Japanese in next week, so that you can learn English!!


Now, I’d like to write about “Bali & Indonesia things” that you can experience in Shonan area.



【Vol.3 Indonesian FOOD 】

Vol.1  : about Indonesia Day coming on 6-May at Zushi Beach Film Festival

Vol.2  : about Enoshima Bali SUNSET which will be held in mid August.


Now today’s topic is “Indonesian food” you must want to know the most.


Everyone loves Nasi-goreng.  Ah, I’m getting hungry…


I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it looks so yummy…


I really love mi-goreng, especially this one that I got in a street in Jogjakarta.

Sweet & spict sauce on it with many vegitables…


You can also see what Indonesian food looks like in the past posts: Rさんの記事① and 記事②.





Shonan area is full of Hawaiian culture rather than south-east Asia, it is really hard to enjoy Asian food. Rally too bad…



Among the few Asian foods, mosty you can see India, Thai, and Vietnamese food.

Unfortunately you can find only one Indonesian restaurant in Shonan area. OMG.


If you find another one, pls pls pls let me know!


That precious one is “CINTA JAWA CAFE” in the north side of JR Hiratsuka station.


From “Cinta Jawa Cafe” HP


You can enjoy real Indonesian food that cooked by Indonesian.

The atmosphere is really like an Indonesia^^

And the important thing is that reasonable price ♪


From “Cinta Jawa Cafe” HP

You can have all these foods!!



But the problem is that Hiratsuka is kinda far from Fujisawa.

You might have a question that “Isn’t there any cafe where I can have Mi-goreng or whatever?”



“Where can I have Bintang beer, a local Indonesian beer, in Fujisawa???”


Yes, you can enjoy Indonesian food & drinks in Fujisawa!

But not speciallized in Indonesian food as above “CINTA JAWA CAFE” .


And you can walk from “Chair,” our store.



You might know this place if you live in Fujisawa.


The name is “green mango” !!


I’ll write in the next post!!

Look forward to it.


Thank you or “Terima kasih“,


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