【Delivery Report】 T Family in Odawara

Hello, I’m Yossy at a Bali furniture shop in Fujisawa, Shonan area.


How’s your Golden Week?  There are many events in and around Shonan area, but I’m so sick of the traffic jam.

So I will be working ^^



If you come to Shonan area, please consider the heavy heavy traffic jam.



Anyway, I’d like to write “Delivery Report” today.


Today’s customer is T family in Odawara city.


The first time T family came to our shop, “Chair” was the end of January this year.


They bought several lamps, stools, stone candle holder, etc as ordinary customer does.


But T family was different !!!

They even got teak boards which was attached on the wall in our shop.



We put stone items on teak boards in our shop.




This is part of T family‘s salon room.  The boards in a shape of half circle are attached.



Then, they started to come frequently after that!



When T family came in the second time, they bought another type of teak board.


They really love our teak boards!




We attached a mirror on the wall, too.


As you can see, this room is not an ordinary house room.

Actually, T family runs a salon, “Komorebi,” which means “sunlight that filters through leaves of trees.”


These lamps on the wall, also from our shop, makes “Komorebi” sunlight in this salon room.



T family is planning to put a Bali picture on the wall !!!

I look forward to seeing how this room is changing.  I will update in a near future.


[“Komorebi” information]

Only for women,

Esthetic & mugwort steam salon,

Please take a look their blog for more info:




Thank you for reading or “Terima kasih“,


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