【Event Report】 Ms. Shinobu Terada’s exhibition of Buddhist paintings

Hello, I’m Yossy from a Bali farniture shop, “Chair” in Fujisawa, Shonan.

I guess today must be a last day of Golden Week for many of you guys.

How is it going?


For me, I took some breaks, and went to some art exhibitions.

One of them is our customer, Ms. Shinobu Terada.


She is, amazingly, an artist of Buddhism paintings !!


Buddha with a gentle smile.

Is not allowed to take pictures of the artworks, so I upload the postcards instead.



a Buddist saint


These are only postcards, but still look so gentle that I felt like watched over by them.


writing papers





You can buy these postcards and writing paper etc.

As you might notice, the red and black bamboo trays are from our shop, “Chair




And batik, a blue cloth, under the writing papers, is also from “Chair“.




Her exhibition will be held by 09-May, this Tuesday.

The outlook of the gallery, “Art gallery Los Pinos”.




If you can’t make it for this exhibition, I recommend you to go to “Tengaku-in 天嶽院,” a very nice temple in the east edge of Fujisawa city.


Her lantern, with Buddhist saint painted on, is placed in “不動殿.”

Buddhism paintings are also dedicated to this temple, but unfortunately it is not usually allowed to see.





Greenery leaves of Japanese maples are very beautiful now.

It looks like a greenery tunnel literally right now.




Falling flowers of Japanese wisteria




[Information of Ms.Shinobu Terada’s exhibition]

Period 02~09-May, 2017

Time 12:00~18:00

Place Art Gallery LOS PINOS (Along Route 467)


I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Thank you for reading.


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