【Event Report】 Zushi Beach Film Festival 2017

Hello, I’m Yossy at a Bali furniture shop in Fujisawa, Shonan.


It’s been a while!!! How have you been?


About a week ago, I went to “Zushi Beach Film Festival,” which was held during Golden Week.



I mentioned this event on this page.  Please take a look back again ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱


So, I’d like to write about it today.


Of course I went on the Saturday event of “Indonesia Day.”



Film will start at 7 at night, so we had to wait patiently.




You cannot wait?



Don’t worry.  Many things were going on at daytime.


It was really like a “Bazaar” somewhere in Europe.



I didn’t even think of trying it, but you can ride on this merry-go-round !

Such an Europe style!



Now it’s started!!


Some of films were played together with bamboo gamelan, Bali instrument.


Felt like I’m in Bali~


There were 7 short films were played.


The tastes were quite various like a documentary, comedy, artistic one, etc.


Among them, this film “THE EMBODIMENT OF BATIK” was quite impressive to me.



Batik is a beautiful cloth made in Yogyakara, central Jawa, Indonesia.


Genuine batik is dyed after making a pattern with wax, which requires high techniques.



Making batik is not only a craft making.


I might misunderstood, but I felt from this film that batik making is unity with nature or something.


Batik is something more special and noble than its appearance itself.



The film ended up with dancing girls wearing the batik cloth which started as white cloth.


Thank you for reading or terima kasih!!



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