【Delivery Report】 I Family in Fujisawa “Dining chair ANNE”

Hello, I’m Yossy at a Bali furniture shop in Fujisawa, Shonan.



Today’s topic is a delivery report of “Dining chair ANNE” for I family in Fujisawa.


Actually, I am a good friend with him.

I was off on that day, but he stopped by at our shop during running, and he liked this chair at first sight.



This is what we delivered! ” Dining chair ANNE “ ♪


I like this vertical lattice which gives very simple and cool design.


The back of the chair is curved along our shape of body back.


It looks like it’s been here for many years.




From the back side.




… You found something?







Yes, he likes listening to recorded music.


*** Chet Baker is a jazz musician who is famous with his cover music of “My funny Valentine.”


I san is a very active person, he actually holds “a record cafe” in a “Kura-mae Gallery“.











What about having a lovely Saturday listening to recorded music with a cup of coffee and local sweets in a Japanese traditional house?




【Record Cafe info】

Place Kura-mae Gallery

Date Every 3rd Saturday (Next will be on Jun-17)

Time 15:00~17:00

Fee  ¥500 (Coffee and local sweet)


【Delivery Item】

Dining chair  ANNE


Luckily, we still have some stocks available.




Terima kasih & Sampai jumpa lagi,


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