【Customer Report】 S Family from Chiba-ken Vol.2

Hello, I’m Yossy at a Bali furniture shop in Fujisawa, Shonan.


I’d like to start from where I finished last time.


Yes, about S family from Chiba-ken.



They went to a bathroom in our shop and found something.







This wash bowl!!   Actually, it is made of wood.


They had been just searching for an Asian-style  wash bowl, and wondering what to do.


They were surprised to see that wooden bowl can be used for a wash bowl.


Ceramic bowl is very common, but wooden bowl  also can endure as a wash bowl as long as not be used to keep water in it.



So, they got this wooden bowl and attached in their bathroom the next day.

They made a hole in it, and inserted a metal parts.



Somebody’s handprint (((;◔ᴗ◔;)))



Thank you very much for using our items in a very lovely way.

We are really looking forward to seeing you guys again ♡⍢⃝♡




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