【Customer Report】 Hair salon “Perpanas” in Tokyo

Hello, I’m Yossy, staff at a Bali furniture shop “Chair” in Shonan.
Typhoon is over!  But it brought us uncomfortable humidity…
Is everything OK with you guys?
Today’s topic is our customer “Perpanas,” a fashionable hair salon in Tokyo.
If you know Indonesian very well, you might understand.
Perpanas” means a place of sunshine in Indonesian.

OMG, it is so fashionable! It looks so Tokyoish.


The menu & prices are here:

The owner is actually a friend of our owner.
And he had a hair cut the other day.
It was kind of weird to me that our owner went all the way to Tokyo for a haircut,
because he is very reluctant to go there.
But I got understand that to see this picture.
I see it…They must be good friends…
They met at “Coconuts Humming Bird” in Bali.
His name is Nobu san, and amazingly he stayed in Bali for two years, for surfing and doing hair-cut sometimes.
During the two years, he went to many islands in Indonesia and Australia.
That’s why he looks so wild (((;◔ᴗ◔;)))
Want to have a haircut in Tokyo?
Time 11:00~20:00
Close on Wed or Thu
* Private Salon run by Nobu san
Want to stay in Balangan, Bali?
【Coconuts Hummingbird】
Nobu san got a bamboo door-chime the other day.
Terima kasih~.
Lucky you!
Still available in our online-shop!
Go and check it out on…
Price ¥2,900 (Tax-in)
Size Φ15cm×H55cm (Appx)
Weight 1.0kg
Chair -湘南にあるバリ島家具・雑貨・絵画のお店-
〒251-0053 神奈川県藤沢市本町3-11-12
Open 10:00~18:00
Close on Wednesdays
※ D stage 1 でもバリ島からの雑貨を主に販売しております!
D stage 1 南仲通交差点角にある出来たばかりの複合施設です。
〒251-0053 神奈川県藤沢市本町2-1-25
Open 13:00 ish~18:00
Close on Wednesdays
※ Off during the obon holidays 14-18 Aug.