【Yossy’s summer 2017】Love figure skating (∩˃o˂∩)♡

We are off now till 18-Aug, this Friday, but I’d like to share my big event for this summer!!!







You must be jealous!!


I went to her figure skating ice show !!



From Number Web http://number.bunshun.jp/articles/-/827846




@THE ICE 2017, Nagoya !!!






As you know, she retired as an athlete skater this April.





She holds an ice show every summer in Nagoya, and other cities like Osaka.

And this is the first ice show since her announcement of retire.

So, it was extremely difficult to get the tickets, but I managed to get tickets!!




This gymnasium is located inside of the Nagoya castle.






It was 3rd time to see her skating, but her skating always just moves my heart.

I don’t know why but her skating, even without triple axel and any other jumps, makes me cry quite naturally.


Just beautiful…



From “Sports Graphic Number 5/5 特別増刊号”

FS of Sochi Olympic 2014 is a legend to remember ever.




I felt like I was dreaming at that ice show…..




My mon luckily got Mao chan’s handwritten autograph!!


Sorry it’s not a Bali or furniture things today (((◞( ・ิ౪・ิ)◟

Sampai jumpa lagi !



Chair -湘南にあるバリ島家具・雑貨・絵画のお店-
【本店】 *家具をメインに扱っております
〒251-0053 神奈川県藤沢市本町3-11-12
 Open 10:00~18:00
Close on Wednesdays
【藤沢銀座通り店】 *雑貨をメインに扱っております
〒251-0053 神奈川県藤沢市本町2-1-25 D stage 1, 1階
Open 13:00~18:00
Close on Wednesdays
*8/14(月)~18(金) 夏季休業となります。