【Customer Report】 Samurai descendants will gather in Odawara ?!

Hello, I’m Yossy at Bali farniture shop in Shonan.




I’d like to share wonderful and gorgeous event that will be held by our customer in Odawara.


Take a look at the recent post about the day when we worked on delivery to this customer, “Tokiwa Shoten” which is an old liquor shop.




You must be astonished….


Descendants of very famous samurai like…




Kenshin Uesugi,

From Wikipedia





Kanbe Kuroda,

From this website.




Motochika Chosokabe.

From Wikipedia



will show up in “Tokiwa shoten” !!!



Big event will be coming up on 06-Oct.






You need to register by Fax or mail using the application form on this website.



Plus, you can enjoy our farniture there!!



Chest made of old boat in Indonesia.



Butterfly sofa also made of boat woods.


Unique chest in a shape of step.




More furniture will be arranged by this event…


“Tokiwa shoten” might change like our showroom ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱


Please look forward to the big change.



History buffs, Liquor buffs, Asian furniture buffs (!?), please go to the website and register now!






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