【STAFF in Bali】Dion is doing a good job?!


I’m Yossy, a staff of Bali furniture shop in Shonan, Japan.


As you know, Bali island is facing a hard situation of Mt.Agung.

On 21st of November, Mt. Agung started to erupted in a small scale, causing a big one on 25th.


Ash coming down from Mt. Agung, Air port was closed for two days…

Although the airport is already back to normal operation, almost all of foreign visitors left, and only a few visitors are coming up right now.



Almost no people on the beach




To tell the truth, our owner was planning to visit Bali island before the eruption, for the shipping arrangements (๑ʘ∆ʘ๑)



But with many reasons, he gave up flying.  But we cannot make our customer wait any longer…




What should we do….

Oh, we have that guy!


■ Mr. Dion


Birthplace Nias Island, North Sumatra

Age … Amazingly,,, 34 years old ! (Born in 1983)

Special ability Surfing (A surf guide as a main job)

Language … Indonesian, English, Japanese (Our owner communicates with Dion only in Japanese)


Acknowledged as a talented surfer, he moved to Bali island when he was in his teens.

That distance from Nias to Bali is amazingly 2,300km !!





His character?


Yes, he’s a very very good guy, smart, diligent, and…






Well, I cannot find any photos of him to prove that.


As far as I heard from our owner, Dion goes to the factory very often to check the quality…



So, I asked him to send a photo of Dion who works very hard…





I thought he understood and waited for the photo for a half day.



This is the one he sent later ▽



Well,,, a little bit different from what I expected.

But it’s better than those photos I listed up before.





Me 「Glad that you look fine (in spite of the hard situation of Bali) !」

Dion 「I look handsome! hahaha」



Dion is fine.  Very very fine as usual.

This is Indonesian. They are never defeated by the eruption of Mt. Agung.



It’s hard to tell from the photos, but thanks to Dion, we are pretty much done with the shipping process.

Please kindly be patient, H family…





■ Dion Bali Surf Guide & Surf School

HP http://dion-surf.com/

FB https://www.facebook.com/dionbalisurfguide

Ig https://www.instagram.com/bali_beach_surf_school/




Terima kasih!!   or Thank you!!


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